January 19, 2012


I love shopping for fabric and sewing notions as I guess all sewists do! And here in Istanbul we are quite lucky that we can find very cheap (I mean really very cheap) fabric at neighbourhood markets (like farmer's market but you can find all kinds of crazy stuff too). 

So two weeks ago I went to one of these markets which is famous for its fabrics section, for the first time. Oh my! What a variety and such bargains! There were mountains of fabrics all around and women tossing and turning the piles over and over to find things they liked.

Prices were quite diverse, starting from 25 kurus (~15 cents) for small pieces, to 25 TL/meter (~10 € / 15 $) for fabric by the roll. You could also find all kinds of sewing related stuff like threads, ribbons, fusing, buttons, snaps, etc.

And here is my haul after 2 and a half hours of messing around:

1. Knits: Well, I must admit I was a little scared by these after sewing my grey dress; but I couldn't resist the candy colours. I thought the red-bordeaux striped would be a great tunic, and the coral a cozy scarf.

Striped: ~1 € / 1.5 $  ...  Coral: ~0.5 eurocent / 75 ¢ 

2. Chiffons: This was the first time I bought chiffon -for making clothes I mean. And I am not 100% sure I can handle these delicate fabrics. But I have been wanting a chiffon blouse for a really long time now, and maybe this is the perfect choice to try my hand on Colette's Sorbetto!

Each: ~0.5 eurocent / 75 ¢ 

3. Eyelet fabric: I loved this sooo much and bought it without any second thoughts. I want to make a strapless dress or a skirt, haven't decided yet!

Eyelet fabric:  ~1 € / 1.5 $ 

4. Cotton-prints: Loved the gingham ones but didn't think of something while buying them; maybe I can make shirts for my boyfriend. The greyish-blue leopard print is sure going to be a dress. And this is the most expensive buy of the day!

Ginghams:   ~0.5 eurocent / 75 ¢ ... Leopard: ~1.5 € / 2 $ 

5. Tartan: This is a lovely wool mixture with a little stretch. And it is destined to be a vest with matching satin lining. But first I need to find a nice pattern (non of the Burda magazines I own has one for my taste!) or come up with one myself!

Tartan:  ~1 € / 1.5 $ 

Well, there is still more stuff I bought that day but this is going to be one looong and boring post if I try to squeeze them in too. So let me share them in the upcoming one!

Oh, I'm already excited to turn these beauties into garments; now all I need is a little time ;o)


  1. Oh my goodness - this is very different from shopping for fabric in Belfast! I think I would be too overwhelmed to find anything. Love what you came away with! And can't believe the prices - that's amazing.

    1. Well, at first you really feel overwhelmed. But a few seconds later you just start tossing the fabrics over and over again as everybody does :)

  2. Wow, I wish I could appear in this market just for 1 hour. I would absolutely go mental.