December 28, 2011


Or "gray" is it? I generally take pride in my English, and God, I love the language. But I didn't realize that I had no idea about how to spell grey/gray until I started typing. So native speakers, can you please clarify which one is true?

Anyway, besides being ignorant about spelling, I must admit I love that color. Not red, not blue, not green; but good old grey is what I love (OK I'll stick with "grey" until someone says otherwise). Many people would say "oh, it isn't even a color". But I like how it suits me, and so my eyes always catch grey items during shopping. Selective perception it is!

So, when I spotted a light&dark grey striped wool-jersey for 1 Turkish Lira (a little more than half a $; or a little less than half a €) for a HUGE piece; I left aside all my fears about knit fabrics, pushed all ladies aside and grabbed it in a heartbeat.

I chose pattern 130B from Burda 03/2011 but had to make some changes. First, since I didn't want a shirt collar, I transformed it into a crew neck. But then it started to look like a nightgown, so I added a pseudo-placket band.

I also had to shorten the arms (if I left them as they were, the dress could easily fit a chimpanzee); and the skirt, since it was right at the knees, which I don't really like. I think short should be short, and long should be long. Knee-high reminds me of my highschool uniform I guess!

Oh, how I would like to say "sewing it was a piece of cake"; but it was not! With a regular sewing machine, a regular presser foot, and a regular needle it was impossible to prevent the fabric from puckering. I could only manage by sewing with the help of strips I cut from thin nylon bags for the seams (cutting from the very sides after sewing) using a zigzag stitch. And for the hems, I used a double needle and straight stitch, feeding strips of pattern paper, just like in sewing with faux leather. It was a little tricky to peel of the paper but not impossible.

Left: Seam with a zigzag stitch and nylon bag ~ Right: Hem from the right and wrong sides

Since I am not a person to hit the road with knee-high socks during winter, I have to wait until spring when the weather will be milder to show off my dress.

Until that time, I can also think about investing in either (a) serger or (b) various presser foots. What do you think? Is a serger too extravagant for someone who only sews as a hobby? Or is it a must for every sewist no matter what?


  1. So adorable!! Thank you for the lovely comment!
    xo, Elsie

  2. Oh I'm happy you liked it! Not half as colorful as yours :)

  3. I think it's grey in the UK and gray in the US.

    1. Oh! That's why I keep seeing both of them in a bazillion web pages. Thanks for clarifying!

  4. I'm all about being prepared, so even before I had even made one thing, I had bought a overlocker (serger). It makes all the world of difference since I started sewing.