January 10, 2012


I have this skirt from Zara that I love; the cut and how it suits me and all. And I have never quite found something similar for ages. So I thought "maybe I should try to sew one myself". I checked my fabric stash (which grew a lot recently and made me promise not to buy anything new until I use at least half of it); and decided on a dark blue/black denim.

Preparing the pattern was not much sophisticated, I must admit! I just traced half of the skirt on a piece of newspaper (remembering my grandma); and added 1.5 cm for seams and 3 cm for the hem. For the waist band, I cut a 13 cm wide strip (5+5+3 for seams); but this turned out to be a mistake as I'll explain later.

I first sewed the center-front seam with the "flat-fell" technique as in the original model. Then attached the invisible zipper (which really seams invisible this time ) and finished the center-back seam with a slit. I then completed the side seams and ironed all the seam allowances to the sides. For the hem, I double-folded the fabric and finished with a topstitch.

For the waistband I folded the 13 cm strip in half, and the sides 1.5 cm (just like a wide bias tape); and sewed on to the waist. But there was a problem! Since I didn't want to rip anything, I just sewed the sides in a little to resemble narrow triangles. Well, it ain't perfect, but it did the trick!

Since I am still sooo afraid of making buttonholes, I went for a snap closure. I wonder when I will build up my courage to actually make buttonholes!?

So, here comes my copycat skirt. I like it so much and it has such a business-y look, doesn't it? So wait for me Wall Street, I'm coming to you 

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