February 23, 2012


Yet another project from last year! They took me ages then (5 whole days!), since they were my first go with shorts. And may I say, it wasn't one of the easiest patterns! Attaching the zipper only (with a fly) was a pain-in-the-bottom itself ;) Anyways, when I finished and put them on, I remember feeling quite triumphant.

The pattern is from Burda magazine, March 2011, model #131A, which you can purchase as an e-pattern from the website as well. The fit is perfect (I am a size 38) and they are pretty comfy to move around :) The side pockets are not very functional; but as you can see from my awkward posture, you can use them to hide your thumbs while posing ;)

And just to show off: please note how well-constructed my shorts are! After all, they are worth 5 days of hard work and tears ;))

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