December 21, 2011


Since Burda magazine is the only source for patterns here in Turkey, I try to buy it whenever it has models I like (you can have a peek at the inside in the supermarket, cool!). So when I saw these shorts on Wendy the same month that Burda published these ones, and my grandma gave me a faux leather fabric, I thought "hey! this must be a sign" and decided to give them a try.

I must confess, I was quite intimidated by all the comments I read throughout the internet about how difficult it was to sew with leather/faux leather on a reagular sewing machine. Furthermore, I didn't have the textile glue the pattern asked for. But I thought how bad it could be, and set to work.

Well, it took me 3 days from start to finish; but I guess it turned out OK. The darts are fine and even the invisible zipper which I was so worried about came out allright. Since I didn't have the glue, the seams are still untreated; but because the fabric was already interfaced, this doesn't seem like a big problem.

Now, if I can find/sew an elegant top, I'm planning to wear them for the New Year Party. What do you think? What kind/color of top should I go for? 


  1. Wow- you did an amazing job! These turned out beautifully :)

  2. Thanks Inna! Happy you liked it ;)

  3. Interesting outfit!

    Regards from Brazil! ^^

  4. Hmmm... I hope interesting in a good way ;)